6 Major Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Wearing Leather

6 Major Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Wearing Leather

What is leather? It is a long-lasting material made of preserved animal hides and skin used to create leather fashion wear. Leather is the major raw material in the leather industry. Almost 95% of people in the whole world love leather fashion because of many benefits that leather comes with it. Leather is the oldest fashion that existed in the old ancestral generation that was treasured the most But with the improvement in the current generation, it has lost the treasure and thus remaining as a fashion with a painful story behind it With an understanding of some of the reasons behind the leather fashion, there is a need not to put on leather fashion any more. Here are some of the reasons:

1. The origin of the skin products used to make leather products

Leather products are believed that they are extracted from cattle hides only, but this is not the case. Some of the leather industries use hides from other animals like dogs, cats or even the snake in the worst case. The likely hood of you not getting to understand the origin is because the final leather products look similar despite the skin used to create it Thus you may be wearing a leather shoe or a leather bug made of dogs skin without the knowledge. The reason why this happens is that the leather industry is growing fast and making vast profits due to the market demand in the present generation. Hence such things are not in their considerations so long as the business is flourishing.

2. Preservatives used to keep skin products

The toxins used to preserve skin products is a major threat in both environmental pollution and the individual’s health working in leather industries. Hides and skins need to be preserved for them to be fresh for a long as possible and to avoid decomposition. The toxic chemicals used to keep them fresh and the chemicals used during the tanning process like soaking, shaving, dyeing, drying are harmful and are done by human beings. This is a health risk and also the fumes from these processes pollutes the air thus affecting the environment.

3. Animals are killed majorly for skin products rather than the flesh

Though the skin products are termed as the “By-products’ of the slaughter industry, this is not the case any more. In the current generation the vise verse is evident, where animals are slaughtered majorly to extract the hides and the flesh is sold as the by-product instead. This is done majorly because there is high demand for the hide in the leather industry than the flesh which should be the major reason for slaughtering animals. Also the slaughter industry is making more profit from selling hide instead.

4. Mode of creation and production of leather products

Some of the leather industries around the world use the advantage of young children to run the production of leather products. This is child labor and also inhuman. Some leather industries in China employed children of age less than 15 years. This might also be happening in other parts of the world. All in the name of making more profits with less cost of labor. Doesn’t it feel painful?

5. Humiliation of animals to sustain leather industry

Some leather products need special skin and hides to be made. Where do the leather industries get the soft skin? Is it from a unique tanning process? The answer is no. Soft skins are extracted from young calves not yet born from their mothers womb. This is the most brutal and inhuman act where infant animals are killed for the sake of enjoying the leather fashion demand. Animals too have feelings like humans and losing their loved ones is so saddening. Also the cruelty of killing these animals is so painful.

6. Leather is no longer in fashion

Instead, it is a future fetal risk. With the high rate of killing animals for the sake of the leather fashion, the future is at risk because some of the animal species may end up diminishing from the face of the world. People no longer care for the well being of the animals but business and art of making more profits has clouded their minds. Action need be taken in order to sustain and still see some animals in the future.

All this reasons explain the painful story that the animals underwent in order to the enjoyment the leather fashion. It is a cost that needs attention for the sake of the leather industry — looking back to other alternatives like the fabric fashion instead.